Badmashiyaan | Movie Review 07 Mar 2015   351


Cast: Siddhant Gupta, Suzanna Mukherjee, Karan Mehra, Sharib Hashmi, Gunjan Malhotra
Direction: Amit Khanna
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 6 minutes

Critics Review

Times of India (TOI):

If one let’s go off the bad production value and detailing of the film, Badmashiyaan has in store an appeasing climax. Director Amit Khanna executes the insurmountable task of sewing in five stark yet intertwined plots seamlessly. Taking cues from the classic storytelling of Asian rom-coms, the film adapts the set pattern unique to their yarn.
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One consistent thought that you get while enduring this immature, supposedly funny, too clever for its own good film is ‘what the hell is happening?’ and that thought stays with you even after it’s over. This film (can it really be called one?) is more a random putting together of terribly executed scenes, filled with characters who seem to be injected with some kind of drug that kept them bubbling with a surplus of energy and irritating enthusiasm.
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Bollywood Hungama:

For a fact, BADMASHIYAAN can probably be the reverse of the Yash Raj rom-com LADIES V/S RICKY BAHL. A con girl and her three lovers! Set in Chandigarh, Naari (Suzanna Mukherjee), is a sexy and trendy girl whose sole aim is to make easy money and in process she cons every man who comes her way. Dev (Sidhant Gupta) falls head over heels to the charm of Naari and in the process takes money from the bank to buy a big house for her.
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A preening couple sitting amidst fake floral arrangements assumes that their love story deserves an account. A Haryanvi baritone takes control of the voiceover to follow. A third person’s love story and break up plays out. Another preening couple shows up amidst fake floral arrangements (same set) even as the Haryanvi guy’s yammering continues while a new parallel track about the third person’s best friend and a serial con girl trying to steal from Don who turns out to be the man behind the said Haryanvi accent develops.
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Moving right over b-town routine rom com heads with its intersecting mini-montages inspired from the 2001 French sensational “Amelie” shot with a sort of documentary like one-on-one interviews between the story – copied from Woody Allen’s exceptional 1992 ‘Husbands and Wife’s format, producers VRG and director Amit Khanna’s debut ‘Badmashiyan’ also slips from the explorers of world cinema thanks to its juvenile approach.
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