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Star Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Pulkit Samrat, Jacqueline Fernandez
Direction: Karan Anshuman
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Critics Review/Rating

Times Of India:

The basic premise of Bangistan is interesting in itself. This quirky comedy tells you the simple story of two naive men, willing to go to any length for their respective faiths. Action kick-starts in North and South Bangistan, a fictitious but beauteous land where opposing faiths
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Debutant director Karan Anshuman’s ‘Bangistan’ has a mighty interesting concept with a good intention (screenplay by Puneet Krishnan, Sumit Purohit and Karan Anshuman). It should have translated into a film to remember, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t.
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Hindustan Times:

When a former film critic sets out to make his first film, he is expected to, among other things, weave an intriguing theme around the plot. Bangistan, director Karan Anshuman’s debut film, delivers on this front very ably
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Bangistan is a fictitious country where the world religious conference is set to take place. Meanwhile, one Hindu and one Muslim radical group don’t want peace and cordial relations between India and Pakistan and sent out two young men to create mayhem in Poland, the venue of the conference.
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Bollywood Hungama:

Bollywood has seen many films that were based on the theme of terrorism. Be it A WEDNESDAY!, BLACK FRIDAY, MISSION KASHMIR, FIZA…to name a few, Bollywood has ‘been there, seen that’. However, there have been a few satirical comedies made in Bollywood on this subject that includes successful films like TERE BIN LADEN and FILMISTAAN.
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NDTV Movies:

True to its title, Bangistan makes more than its share of noise. But this mildly wacky satire on the futility of religious bigotry does not make too much sense.
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It’s likely that buried somewhere under all those unfunny jokes, simplistic sermons, and cringe-inducing melodrama, there may have been a promising idea at the heart of Bangistan.
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The Indian Express:

Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai. Can this hoary slogan, coined in the early years of the republic. be repeated minus irony? The only way the idea can be incorporated in the movies these days is to either spoof it up, or to embed it in a satire.
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India Today:

Zaniness is tricky path to tread on in movies. Done right, it delivers copious amount of laughs. Mess it up, one is bored and disgruntled. Bangistan falls in the latter category. The worst possible scenario for a comedy is one that doesn’t tickle the funny bone.
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You know a political satire is a colossal failure if you can’t tell who the joke is really on. The only funny gag in film critic-turned-filmmaker Karan Anshuman’s debut featureBangistan appears towards the end.
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And did Excel Entertainment understand that the film turned preachy towards the end, although, I would like to believe that it was not the intention. But then when you have too much running into your mind [with no clarity of thought at the table] before executing the first shot, films like BANGISTAN do happen.
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