Short Films

White Shirt | Short Film

White Shirt | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=WiXHY4kX4SQ] A lovestory like no other. Watch the short film "White Shirt". Short Film Credits Star Cast : Kunal Kapoor, Kritika Kamra Written & Directed...
Siblings Fight On Stupid Thing | Short Film

Siblings Fight On Stupid Thing | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=LUSgviDBO3s] Siblings fight can happen on anything. Watch this funny short film "Siblings Fight". Short Film Credits Starring : Gautam Sharma and Meenisha Sen. Written...
Maaya | Episode #6 - 'The Body Has A Mind Of Its Own' | Web Series

Maaya | Episode #6 – ‘The Body Has A Mind Of Its Own’ | Web Series

[fw_yt_video v=zvctlG9o7mY] Rahul sends Sonia a barrage of BDSM fantasies. Sonia is fighting her body and her fantasies. The battle reaches its climax. Watch the ‘Episode...
Maaya | Episode #5 - 'The Five Percent' | Web Series

Maaya | Episode #5 – ‘The Five Percent’ | Web Series

[fw_yt_video v=aMDKLKZZ1Ig] Rahul is finally able to convince Sonia to meet him. Sonia is skittish. Rahul has a way out for her to get to...
Kheer | Short Film

Kheer | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=_Govd4E9YbQ] As we age, life can get lonelier and the definition of relationships, mature. Presenting the beautiful & innocent short film "Kheer". Short Film...
Maaya | Episode 4 - 'And They Met' | Web Series

Maaya | Episode 4 – ‘And They Met’ | Web Series

[fw_yt_video v=vsWWMdC1dTo] Rahul reveals to his lawyer why his wife is upset with him and how he managed to find Maaya. Abhishek in the meanwhile...
Half Ticket | Short Film

Half Ticket | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=yBq0AlQwIe0] Watch Ayaan & Rhea's roller-coaster of a journey unfold in this fun short film "Half Ticket". Half Ticket is a fun and exciting...
Maaya | Episode #3 - 'Hi Maaya!' | Web Series

Maaya | Episode #3 – ‘Hi Maaya!’ | Web Series

[fw_yt_video v=MD83JfYksrQ] Abhishek delves into Sonia’s past to begin a journey of uncovering her secrets. Rahul in the meanwhile begins to reveal to his lawyers...
Reflection | Short Film

Reflection | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=QFt3XYiY26M] Presenting the short film "Reflection". A drama involving the tragic tale of an urban family told only through Reflections. The story shot in...
My 5 Minutes With God | Short Film

My 5 Minutes With God | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=ASNWpc88ywE] Presenting the short film "My 5 Minutes With God". Shardul Desai a man tired of living an unoriginal life goes into cardiac arrest. Five...
Maaya | Episode #2 - 'Both Slaves' | Web Series

Maaya | Episode #2 – ‘Both Slaves’ | Web Series

[fw_yt_video v=qJXlqrnTJNc] Rahul begins to spill the beans to his lawyer. Talks about his sad life and BDSM the only refuge. Sonia learns of her...
Maaya | Episode #1 - 'Beginning Of The End' | Web Series

Maaya | Episode #1 – ‘Beginning Of The End’ | Web Series

[fw_yt_video v=09q8bMdMj1w] Presenting the brand new erotic love story set in the world of BDSM "Maaya". Watch the 1st Episode - 'Beginning Of The End' from the...
Maaya - Web Series | Official Trailer

Maaya – Web Series | Official Trailer

[fw_yt_video v=515pfRHdm5c] Presenting the official trailer of an upcoming erotic web series set in the world of BDSM, “Maaya”. Starring : Shama Sikander, Vipul Gupta, Veer...
Truth Or Dare | Short Film

Truth Or Dare | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=DjglkGrzByY] Presenting the short film "Truth or Dare", a story of an estranged couple who have drifted apart over the years of marriage and...
Chutney | Short Film

Chutney | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=0krwKbsQscw] Its sweet and a bit sour. Its one recipe you would not have tasted before. Presenting the spicy short film 'Chutney'. Star Cast...
Little Things | S01E05 - 'Here We Go!'

Little Things | S01E05 – ‘Here We Go!’

[fw_yt_video v=3LYw7W-TFoM] Presenting the ‘S01E05 - Here We Go!’ from the web series ‘Little Things’. Fresh air and wine do wonders for Dhruv Sehgal and...
Little Things | S01E04 - 'Thank You'

Little Things | S01E04 – ‘Thank You’

[fw_yt_video v=a-uyRka4srk] Presenting the ‘S01E04 - Thank You’ from the web series ‘Little Things’. It is a weeknight and Dhruv and Kavya's plan to have...
The Guest | Short Film

The Guest | Short Film

[fw_yt_video v=WpAfwZVzxBc] Presenting the short film 'The Guest'. It is about a young man who unknowingly ends up in a strange place. Star Cast : Avinash...
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