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Cast: Arjun Mathur, Mohan Kapoor, Sugandha Garg
Direction: Manu Warrier
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Critics Review

Times Of India (TOI):

Having disappointed his mother with his worthlessness while she was alive, Dev seeks redemption. In order to fulfill her wish of reclaiming their coffee estate in Coorg, which he had to sell off, Dev revisits his hometown. As fate would have it, he bumps into his former girlfriend Anika (Sugandha Garg) there, who is now married to Vas (Mohan Kapoor). Incidentally, Vas owns Dev’s coffee estate and turns out, Dev still loves Anika. Can he stick to the plan?
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If you are a coffee lover, be warned that there isn’t much to brew in his half baked, slow, somewhat pretentious drama about identity crises and soul searching. Arjun Mathur plays Dev Anand (nothing to do with the legendary actor) who has to revisit some bitter memories (his ex-girlfriend and her present husband) to figure a way out to carry forward.
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Coffee Bloom is an excellent example of how some filmmakers end up making pretentious, self indulgent unwatchable movies in the name of independent cinema. These are the kind of films that get so taken by the whole idea of making a different film, that they forget to concentrate on little detailing or work on the characters or the script.
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It’s not often that a man gets closure in his life and in relationships through coffee, but Dev Anand Cariappa, the tortured protagonist of ‘Coffee Bloom’ somehow manages this feat. Directed by debutante Manu Warrier, the film is set in the plantations of Coorg, as Dev approaches his ancestral home to bury his mother’s ashes.
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India Today:

To start with Coffee Bloom is not a commercial film that offers you any masala entertainment. You should know that before you buy the ticket. Dev Anand Kariappa (Arjun Mathur) is a wannabe sanyasi. He is full of emotions and attachments. Some time in the past Dev sold his family business of coffee plantation in Coorg and now he returns to the same land after his parents death, it’s resold to Srinivas (Mohan Kapoor) and his wife Anika (Sugandha Garg).
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Debutant director Manu Warrier’s reflective and beautifully shot film Coffee Bloom is a unique coming-of-age story. It is about a man, who is wronged in love, and who, in his own warped way, seeks closure. Dev Anand Cariappa (Arjun Mathur) is a bit of a slacker who masks his disillusionment with love and daily drudgery of life with his plans to renounce everything and become a sanyasi.
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Over sharp cinematography and even sharper, innovative narrative [through a ‘voice-over’ plugged into the protagonist’s ears] director Manu Warrier unveils his story-telling craft, as Dev Anand (Arjun Mathur) takes halting, baby steps as he approaches the gates to his vast coffee plantation he had sold, unknown to his mother, who died heart-broken. He is carrying her ashes with him. He hopes to ensure that her soul rests in peace as he tries to source coffee beans from here to sell in his shop.
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The Indian Express:

Would you go back into the past to heal your fractured present? In Coffee Bloom, we see a young man showing up at a coffee plantation at the very moment the owner of the estate is looking out for an expert. Is it a sign? The two come together for their own reasons, but are they committed to the same thing?
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