First Look! Shah Rukh Khan Shared The Ninja Look Of ‘The Ring’ 12 Oct 2016   708


Shah Rukh Khan, who has been shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming biggie The Ring in Budapest, took to twitter to share the first Ninja look of the film  and also clarifying that it was neither a love story nor a horror film but only a Ninja epic.

Shah Rukh Khan wrote – “‘First Look’ of  Imtiaz Ali’s film, allegedly called The Ring. Not a horror film nor a love story…it’s a Ninja epic!”

Of course, Shah Rukh Khan’s next tweet dismissed it all as a joke and that the whole look was only due to severe cold of Budapest.

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted – “The last tweet about the film is a joke. Clarifying for those who don’t get my drift & end up distorting stuff. It’s just cold in Budapest!” 

With the kind of fun SRK is having on the sets, we’re sure the first look of ‘The Ring’ is going to be a fun-filled one…and we’re completely looking forward to it!

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