Karsandas: Pay & Use | Official Trailer 15 Apr 2017   416

Presenting the official trailer of an upcoming Gujarati film, “Karsandas: Pay & Use”.

Movie Credits
Star Cast : Mayur Chauhan, Deeksha Joshi, Hemang Shah, Rahul Raval, Nishant Soni, Zenith Banker
Written, Directed & Screenplay By : Krishnadev Yagnik
Produced By : Nilay Chotai & Vaishal Shah
Production Company : Ananta Productions, Belvedere Films
Release Date : 19 May 2017

The protagonist of the film, Tilok, runs and administers a pay and use toilet with his younger brother Sundar. Tilok and Jaya happen to develop a love at first sight equation. Jaya is the film’s female protagonist. She is the eldest daughter of Chinubha and Amba among their six children. Chinubha is an auto-rickshaw driver. Slowly and gradually Tilok and Jaya’s romantic equation builds up and both of them discover the deep affection they have for each other, without actually saying it.

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