Khamoshiyaan | Movie Review 08 Feb 2015   408



Cast: Sapna Pabbi, Ali Fazal and Gurmeet Choudhary
Director: Karan Darra
Genre: Horror
Duration: 2 hours 4 minutes

Critics Reviews

Times Of India:

In spite of Meera telling Kabir that her hotel (built in the style of an English country manor) is vacant, without batting an eye he chooses to stay! She also mentions that she is married to an ailing Jaidev (Gurmeet Choudhary), who is bed-ridden and so she looks after his sinking business.
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The big question here is ‘Why does a sensible intelligent man like Vikram Bhatt choose to write such stupid shiver givers?’ Khamoshiyan makes you shiver. But not in fear. It just makes you shake in embarrassment for all the ghosts and spirits who are so royally snubbed and insulted by such travesties of terror.
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Khamoshiyan is totally consumed by its cheesy scares-sex-scares-sex pattern, says Sukanya Verma. Ghosts like to hang around dimwits with an uncontrollable libido. It’s convenient, you see. Only a certified dolt would check into a spooky, vacant hotel and stay on because a mysterious head turner runs it or accept rides, shelter and a suspicious glass of wine from creepy, crooked strangers.
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Bollywood Hungama:

What happens when you are forced to scale the heights of gross absurdity? Well you are left with a black hole of damning ‘silence’ that leaves a gnawing pain in your mind. Karan Darra’s KHAMOSHIYAN is a hauntingly boring movie. The makers took the title so seriously that there are hardly any actors in the film. All you get is yawn-inducing spells of baseless silences. Comparing this movie with yesteryear classic MAHAL will be an insult of the highest order. Only saving grace of KHAMOSHIYAN is a wonderful music score.
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The Indian Express:

There’s your new Bhatt Brothers film, which does exactly what you expect : plays out familiar erotic-horror-thriller ingredients on new, or almost-new faces. And that’s the secret to keep us watching, at least some of the way, because we want to know : will this be a new face that will grow, or no?
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