Kuch Kuch Locha Hai | Movie Review 11 May 2015   1160


Star Cast: Ram Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Evelyn Sharma, Navdeep Chhabra
Direction: Devang Dholakia
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 23 minutes

Critics Review/Rating

Times Of India (TOI):

You either have a sense of humour or you don’t. If you try too hard to sound funny, it never works and that’s the case here. If you put together done to death Gujju, Italian and gay people stereotypes, you get Kuch Kuch Locha Hai.
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Book My Show:

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, as the title suggests, is a sex comedy where the comedy is held back to a large extent. When it’s a Sunny Leone film, we all pretty much know what to expect. And when you add the veteran TV actor, Ram Kapoor to the mix, funny things are bound to happen.
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This one is less of a film, more of a lecherous middle-aged man’s fantasy gone haywire. The intention of writer-director Devang Dholakia is clear from the very first scene — make Sunny Leone slip into skimpy clothes and let her loose in a place full of perverts.
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KKLH is based on a highly successful Gujarati play, Lage Raho Gujjubhai. Ram Kapoor plays Praveen Patel aka PP, a Gujarati shopkeeper based in Malaysia. He has a loud wife (Suchita Trivedi) who is obsessed with bringing a typical Gujarati bahu for her useless son (Navdeep Chhabra), while trying to ignore his girlfriend (Evelyn Sharma) who is strutting around the house in skimpy clothes.
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Bollywood Hungama:

A couple of weeks back, we spoke about the phenomenon ‘name-esis’ that is fast gaining momentum in Bollywood. Continuing the same tradition, this week’s release falls under the same ‘genre’ as well. This week’s release goes by the name of KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI, which is an absolute reminiscent of the smash
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NDTV Movies:

Devang Dholakia’s Kuch Kuch Locha Hai , touted as a sex comedy, is in fact a large-scale mindless Gujarati drama on celluloid, packaged like a never-ending Balaji Telefilms soap, with skin show and cheap, ineffective thrills galore.
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We should be rewarded for taking the pain to watch insanely crass movies like ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’. Movies like these doesn’t even deserve a mention anywhere, but for the sake of Sunny Leone fans, here is less of a review and more of a statutory warning as to why you
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If you’re into bikinis and Gujju stereotypes, you might want to catch the weekend show of Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, say Sonil Dedhia and Hitesh Harisinghani. After the success of Ek Paheli: Leela, Sunny Leone returns to the big screen withKuch Kuch Locha Hai. 
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In one of the scenes, Shanaya (Sunny Leone) removes her saree in front of a family and is in her undergarments. In your head you’re going ‘But why?’. This is the exact feeling you get throughout the film.
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