Little Things | S01E04 – ‘Thank You’ 16 Nov 2016   691

Presenting the ‘S01E04 – Thank You’ from the web series ‘Little Things’.

It is a weeknight and Dhruv and Kavya’s plan to have a good dinner at an Iranian restaurant gets canned. Kavya convinces Dhruv to attend her friend Shifa’s house party and in the end, they end up having a late night out at a nearby mela.

Web Series Credits
Star Cast : Dhruv Sehgal, Mithila Palkar, Kartik Krishnan
Directed By : Ajay Bhuyan
Written By : Dhruv Sehgal
Produced By : Aswin Suresh, Anirudh Pandita

‘Little Things’ is Dhruv and Kavya’s love story. Your story. Everyone’s story – real and honest. It’s about finding comfort and solace in fights over the TV remote and over surprise dinners that have been burnt to a crisp. About finding love in the everyday, in the routine, in the rut.

After all, love is in the Little Things.

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