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Star Cast: Richa Chadda, Sanjay Mishra, Vicky Kaushal, Shweta Tripathi
Direction: Neeraj Ghaywan
Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes

Critics Review/Rating

Times Of India (TOI):

It is in Banaras where Sanskrit Pandit(Sanjay Mishra) and his student-daughter, Devi(Richa) lead an innocuous existence. Richa’s curiosity to know more about the bees and the birds has her checking into a seedy lodge for a rendezvous with college friend Piyush
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An eagle’s eye for detailing coupled with some excellent piece of writing is what largely works for ‘Masaan’, apart from other fine things. Neeraj Ghaywan in his debut film offers a realistic portrayal of the hypocritical society that we live in, which looks at premarital sex between two
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Hindustan Times:

Masaan means crematorium. The film begins with a woman watching porn, Sex and death follow. The first 15 minutes are so startling and sad that you sit up and wonder, what’s coming next?
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Set in modern-day Varanasi, here’s a story in the city of contrasts where much has changed, yet, so little has. Two intertwining stories — one has Devi (Chadha) being blackmailed by a corrupt cop in lieu of evidence of her ‘curiosity/jigyaasa’ (she checked into a hotel with a fellow
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NDTV Movies:

Neeraj Ghaywan’s deftly crafted Masaan is a multi-layered portrait of a hidebound society in rapid flux. Dripping pain and poetry in equal measure, the film presents intertwined stories of repression, rebellion and repentance set against the funeral pyres of a Varanasi cremation ghat.
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Death looms large in first-time director Neeraj Ghaywan’s Masaan. The film, whose title means ‘crematorium’, unfolds in the holy city of Varanasi by the banks of the Ganges, on whose ghats dozens of cremations take place side by side every day, the flaming pyres
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The Indian Express:

Souls are said to be liberated in Kashi; and ‘masaan’ (the colloquial local word for ‘shamshaan’) perfectly captures the unique character of a town which has been wrestling with life and death for centuries. Neeraj Ghaywan’s strikingly
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India Today:

Maybe it takes a fresh, unspoilt-by-Bollywood mind to capture the subtlest of hues of first love. And tragedy. And struggle. And overriding all, hope: Untarnished, unadulterated, but with that pinch of salt.
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It’s devastatingly hard to crush a skull. For all its lifelong fragility, the human skull is a significantly tough nut, which is why crematoriums have assistants on call to shove a stick into a pyre and ram it through what once was head, breaking it down so the flames licking at it can consume it quicker.
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Towering performances for a towering script! MASAAN is all this and much more. MASAAN provokes you, makes you think, and takes you on life’s journey. How do you handle varied emotions thrown at you?
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