Mere Sai Ram | Official Trailer 06 Oct 2015   1257

Watch the official trailer of devotional movie “Mere Sai Ram”

Star Cast: Sudhir Dalvi, Mukul Nag and Smita Dongre
Director: Navin Joshi
Producer: Sujit Ghosh and Arundhati Ghosh
Banner: SRG Films & Video
Music Director: Shakil Ahmed
Lyrics: Sujit Ghosh & Hemangi Bhatte
Story: Sujit Ghosh
Screenplay & Dialogue: Shakil Ahmed

This film is not a docu-drama on the life of Sai Baba like the earlier films, rather it delves into the relationship between a devotee and ‘Sai Baba’. It talks about the teachings of Sai baba and its increasing relevance in today’s world and how his principles can form the basis of an ideal society. Sudhir Dalvi, who is known for playing ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ on the screen will be soon seen essaying the revered saint.

Mukul Nag plays the devotee ‘Dhondiram’ in the film. The movie explores this relationship between Sai Baba and his devotee and how the devotee makes himself a medium to achieve a seemingly unsurmountable task. The reason Mukul was chosen to play the role of the devotee was to portray the symbolic relationship between the god and devotee. The relationship between God and his devotee is very unique, the god sees his mirror image in the devotee and the devotee wants to see his mirror image in God.

Plot: The film revolves around a simple villager of very poor background ‘Dhondiram’. Dhondiram as a devotee converses with Sai Baba and shares his problems with him. His core belief revolves around Sai Baba’s principles. One night Dhondiram dreams of Sai Baba who asks him to build a temple, Dhondiram being a very poor villager starts wondering how he can make a temple, he shares the dream and his doubt with his wife. How Dhondiram executes the building of a temple with just a piece of barren land forms the crux of the film. The movie also talks about how a temple drives the prosperity of a village and how its funds can be utilised for development and betterment of society as a whole. There is a sub plot where Dhondiram’s sister and the antagonist Zamindar’s brother Prakash are in love with each other and how the Zamindar at each stage puts hurdles in Dhondiram’s path on his way to Temple construction. There are conflicts between Dhondiram and the Zamindar and how Dhondiram negotiates the tricky situations with complete faith in Sai Baba and comes out tops forms the structure of the plot. There are 6 lilting and melodious songs which are bound to make a mark in the movie.

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