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Cast: Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Kumaar, Deepti Naval
Navdeep Singh
Genre: Action/Thriller
Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes


NH10 is a nicely made Indian thriller film directed by Navdeep Singh. The film is co-produced by Phantom films.

Anushka Sharma is a lucky woman. For her debut as producer, the actress has chosen a film which is far from the fantasy, feel-good films she has done so far. NH10 is dark, hard-hitting and always thrilling.

As much as NH10 is about a couple’s battle for life and a woman’s resilience and resourcefulness when confronted with extraordinary circumstances, it is also about the choices people make when up against the unknown. In Arjun, writer Sudip Sharma creates a complex character, looking at how a man’s bruised ego pushes him to the edge. When the city-bred Arjun decides to stand up against the wrong, he is doing the right thing, but he is also making someone else’s troubles his own. In what seems first as an attempt to restore his pride and not necessarily save lives, Arjun finds himself tangled in a mess that he can’t get out of. Dragging his already sensitive wife along makes the situation far worse. First time around when she was in danger, he wasn’t by her side, and now he has landed her in a perilous

Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) are professionals living in Gurgaon. When Meera walks out of a party late one night, she is attacked by a group of unknown men. Although she escapes by the skin of her teeth, the encounter leaves her traumatized. Arjun, partly blaming himself for not being there that night, tries to make up for it by treating her to a luxurious desert holiday. As they stop on a Highway dhaba for dinner, they witness a young girl being picked up by a bunch of hoodlums. Arjun chooses to step in, unmindful of the danger ahead.

On the whole, NH10 is a wonderfully made film with an outstanding performance by Anushka Sharma. It will be well appreciated by an intelligent audience that’s gunning for women safety and empowerment. The sound cinematic credentials and gripping narrative is the high point of the film.

Critics Review

Times of India (TOI):

So, NH10 is a film you both hate and love. Meera (Anushka) and Arjun (Neil) are a happy yuppie couple living in a Gurgaon of multinationals, malls and molesters. The duo gets a gun after Meera narrowly escapes an attack one night. Deciding to take a road-trip, they head down NH10 – and see an eloping couple caught and savagely beaten at a roadside dhaba by a gang.
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Book My Show:

Eight years after he delighted us with Manorama Six Feet Under, director Navdeep Singh is back with another gritty thriller. Starring Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam, NH10 is a thriller based on real-life incidents that exposes us to the harsh reality of life. The story revolves around Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam), an urban couple living in Gurgaon. While driving to work one night, Meera is attacked by unknown men on a deserted road, leaving her scarred for life. To make up for the incident, Arjun decides to take her on a holiday far away from city limits.
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 NH10 is a thriller directed by Navdeep Singh. Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) are a married working couple living in Gurgaon. One night on her way home from a party, she is attacked by a group of unknown men on a deserted road. She escapes, but the encounter leaves her traumatised. To make up for letting her travel alone that night, Arjun plans a birthday surprise for her out of the city.
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Navdeep Singh, who gave us the delightful ‘Manorama Six Feet Under’, is thankfully back after eight years with this gritty, edgy, uncompromising film. The story (written by Sudip Sharma) is about an urban couple Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam), two young professionals from Bangalore, staying in Gurgaon. Otherwise capable and independent Meera gets the first taste of fear when she is attacked by a group of men while returning from work late in the night.
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Bollywood Hungama:

Anushka Sharma lights up a cigarette at a critical juncture before going for the kill. That one moment does a lot for a woman breaking the shackles of a warped male dominated mindset in the heartland of India. Navdeep Singh’s NH10 is a highly relevant film in these times of a necessary need for women empowerment. It strikes like a bullet and the stinging odor of revenge stays with you for long, even after the film gets over.
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NDTV Movies:

A taut and riveting thriller, NH10 paints a disturbing portrait of an inherently violent village on the edge of a glittering boomtown. Director Navdeep Singh employs deftly minimalist and consistently effective touches to create a crackling, tension-filled on-screen atmosphere that could shake the toughest of souls out of their complacent stupor.
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NH10′, directed by Navdeep Singh, is about a road trip that goes horribly wrong when a young married couple crosses paths with a gang of ruthless killers on the national highway. It’s a standard genre movie on the surface, and Singh does a good job of creating edge-of-the-seat tension. But he also layers the narrative with rich subtext, delivering so much more than your average thriller.
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Indian Express:

When you are faced with mortal danger, you can either fight or flee. ‘NH 10′ takes us on a journey in which both fleeing and fighting struggle for space, till the time comes to stop running. When young, attractive, urban professional Meera (Anushka Sharma) urges her husband (Neil Bhoopalam) to run away from the men who are terrorising them, she is doing what instinctively comes to most of us.
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India Today:

Anushka Sharma is a lucky woman. For her debut as producer, the actress has chosen a film which is far from the fantasy, feel-good films she has done so far. NH10 is dark, hard-hitting and always thrilling. Sharma has around five changes of clothes in the film. There are songs, but no one is lip-syncing or dancing to them. Midway through the film, her hair is dishevelled and make-up smudged.
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NH10 is a scary ride featuring an actress who surpasses herself, raves Raja Sen. Bad things happen in NH10. That statement is both warning and promise: because Navdeep Singh’s new film is a tough film to stomach, a frightening and disturbing beast, and because it should be just that brutal, given how loyally it adheres to slasher/thriller genre conventions.
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With his first film in 2007, MANORAMA SIX FEET UNDER, Navdeep Singh had begun well. Then he fell into a trap from which he failed to extricate himself thus throwing away the early advantage he had earned. He does not repeat that mistake in NH 10. This is brilliant. This is fast. This is bloody furious. Geoff Burrowes’ 1991 film RUN, starring Patrick Dempsey and Kelly Preston gave you ‘heart-in-the-mouth’ sequences all throughout the film.
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