Raaz Reboot | Movie Review 17 Sep 2016   1102


Star Cast : Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda, Gaurav Arora
Directed by : Vikram Bhatt
Genre : Horror
Duration : 2 hours
Rating : ★★


You think only human beings face morality crisis? Well, ghosts too have emotions and respect the unsaid social mores. At least, the non-judgmental one in director Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz Reboot does. He doesn’t kiss women with a ‘mangalsutra’ (The necklace married Hindu women wear). But he does hope that she takes it off herself. Of course, there is no stopping him after that.

Raaz Reboot, the fourth installment to Bollywood’s oldest franchise Raaz (2002) is all formula affairs and is modestly chilling. Happily married couple – Rihaan (Gaurav) and Shaina (Kriti) move into a heritage hotel like property in Romania and call it their home. Trouble beckons as the wife starts feeling the existence of an evil entity in their haunted house.

Raaz Reboot has nothing new to offer, even the old offerings have been executed badly. The entire setup in Romania, Dracula’s own country, could’ve been exploited more but the makers didn’t even cash in the scenic beauty of the place.

Meanwhile, there are some moments which are meant to be scary—whispers from a drain, blood flowing from objects, painted faces with empty eyeballs. And we are treated to scenes which look as if they have been ‘inspired’ from The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, and many of Bhatts’ own previous outings with creatures who scale walls and make animal noises. The music is the only average thing in this poorly made film.

After having starred in the earlier Raaz franchise (Raaz – The Mystery Continues & Raaz 3), Emraan Hashmi definitely seems tad comfortable in his ‘home turf’. Gaurav Arora delivers a convincing performance in the film. Raaz Reboot might just prove to be a springboard for his future in Bollywood. However, the biggest surprise of the film is Kriti Kharbanda. Armed with an endearing screen presence and strong performance in the film, she could just be the name to watch out for.

Raaz Reboot has nothing new to offer, has the same old stuff that we have seen several times. It is a lazy installment of Raaz franchise does not deserve your time.

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