Shocking: Kapil Sharma Got Too High In Spirits And BEATS UP Sunil Grover On A Flight! 18 Mar 2017   208

Standup comedian Kapil Sharma and his team (The Kapil Sharma Show) were on board an Air India flight (AI309) to Mumbai via Delhi, after doing stage performances in Melbourne and Sydney. The team was travelling via business class and even before the flight could land in Delhi, Mr Kapil Sharma got too high in spirits!

According to the reports via, “Kapil, who was completely sloshed, walked up to his co-actor Sunil Grover’s seat and started hurling abuses at him. In a flash of a second, he held Sunil by his collar and started beating him up black and blue. A shocked Sunil did not retaliate and took the blows. Both got out to the aisle area between the economy and business class and continued fighting. Kapil was heard saying lines like, “Tu hai kaun? Tera show flop gaya tha, tu mera naukar hai, tu Australia nein bhi jo show kiya khude se woh flop tha…”

Reports suggests, “the passengers on board could not believe their eyes. They were so shocked and scared that a couple of them even wanted  an emergency landing. However, the other team members somehow got Kapil in control and the situation just about got handled.”

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