Shocking! Punjab Police Arrest Rakhi Sawant For Alleged Derogatory Comment On ‘Valmiki’! 04 Apr 2017   233

Drama queen and controversial figure, Rakhi Sawant has been arrested by the Punjab Police today (April 4). A Punjab local court issued an arrest warrant against Rakhi after she made derogatory comments about sage Valmiki who penned the mythological Ramayana.

A complaint had been filed against the actress for hurting the sentiments of the Valmiki community for speaking out against their sage. Police claimed that she had allegedly passed the comments against the sage last year in a program.

The police also stated that a two-member team had left Ludhiana with the arrest warrant to bring the actress in. The court had summoned the actress on March 9 however, she had failed to present herself on that date.

The case will be heard next on April 10.

Rakhi Sawant is best known for appearances in reality TV shows like Bigg Boss and Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. She has also acted in many Bollywood films but her outrageous comments have often drawn more attention.

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