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Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Rory Kinnear, Allen Leech, Alex Lawther, Peter Hilton, Mark Strong, Charles Dance, Matthew Beard, Jack Bannon
Direction: Morten Tyldum
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 1 hour 57 minutes

Critics Review

Times of India (TOI):

Pay close attention. I will not pause. I will not repeat myself… intones Turing (Cumberbatch) very early on in the movie. And so, indeed without pause or preamble, steadily unspools the tale of one of the most brilliant minds of modern times.
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A reclusive genius joins a group of codebreakers working for the UK government to secretly help decode the German Enigma machine. How his personal life and sexual orientation affect his legacy is what the film is eventually about.
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‘The Imitation Game’ has been named aptly. It perfectly emulates every historical World War 2 drama about a legendary man who changed the war and the course of history. It also perfectly emulates all the right notes required to conjure up a bunch of Oscar nominations tailormade for the easily manipulated public.
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NDTV Movies:

The Imitation Game is a highly conventional movie about a profoundly unusual man. This is not entirely a bad thing. Alan Turing’s tragically shortened life – he was 41 when he died in 1954 – is a complex and fascinating story, bristling with ideas and present-day implications, and it benefits from the streamlined structure and accessible presentation of modern prestige cinema.
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The Indian Express:

IN AN interesting exchange quite late in the film, Cumberbatch’s Alan Turing tells a detective questioning him in lock-up to hear his story and then judge what he is, depending on a test or ‘Imitation Game’ he has himself devised: Is he a machine, or a person? The detective sits back, and says he doesn’t know.
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